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As a Rondo customer, you have access to the very best technical advice from our own engineering and design experts, who offer a comprehensive design service to assist from beginning concepts all the way through to the building completion.We're dedicated to providing you with the systems you need to realise your vision effectively and in the most economical way possible. This is achieved through our professional engineering services and advice in the design of non-standard ceiling and wall framing systems where specific wind pressure or seismic design is to be accomodated for, as well as design assistance with difficult bulkhead construction or curved walls or ceilings. Similarly, assistance can be provided in situations where particular internal static pressures, lateral point loads, shelf loads, deflection or load bearding requirements must be catered for in walls and ceilings.Such designs include but not limited to:

  • Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Systems.
  • External Wall and Ceiling Systems.
  • Load Bearing Walls.
  • Non Load Bearing Walls.
  • Fire-rated Wall and Ceiling Systems.
  • Non Fire-rated Wall and Ceiling Systems.
  • Seismic Solutions.
  • Through the use of current Standards, testing and latest seismic developments, our Engineers are able to provide seismic designs for Rondo ceilings and walling systems, tailored to your project seismic requirements. For more information see our full range of Seismic Wall and Ceilling systems.


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    Rondo Seismic Ceiling Wizards

    Need information about loads, spans or any other technical assistance? Click here and let our Rondo wizards make it easy for you.