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Subi Centro North Precinct, WA

  • Contractor: Metrex Wall and Ceiling Specialists
  • Location: Subiaco, WA

Subi Centro North Precinct, WA


The Subi Centro project is internationally recognised as one of Australia’s top urban renewal projects transforming the former industrial land into a mixture of townhouses, apartments, parkland, commercial and retail space. Teaming up with contractor Metrex Wall and Ceiling Specialists, Rondo was given the challenge of providing specification details for external wall framing, low height double leaf balustrade framing and external bulkhead stud wall framing, as well as providing a fully engineered design solution for the external façade. 

In order to achieve the design specifications, Rondo supplied the project with a number of products including 76mm and 92mm x 1.15BMT Stud for the external walls and balustrade framing, 92 x 1.15BMT Stud for the external bulkhead stud wall framing, KEY-LOCK® Fully Suspended Ceiling Systems and a number of PANTHER® Access Panels and EXANGLE® Finishing Sections. Rondo also set up a project account which gave Rondo and Metrex the opportunity to track what products were purchased and their total value.

In addition, Rondo set up a drawdown/holding order with the Bank of Queensland via Chris Hogg at Metrex to ensure no ‘out of stocks’ for the entirety of the project. Due to the role Rondo played in this project, the builder PINDAN engaged Rondo to provide specifications for external walls at new project Richmond Quarter.