Qantas Lounges, AUS

Qantas Lounge 870x373

Project Details

  • Designer: Mark Newson
  • Interior Design: Bailey Interiors
  • Builder: Built Constructions
  • Contractor: Nu Line
  • Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth
  • Project Value: $500,000

Featuring architecturally-designed plaster acoustic ceiling panels custom-made by Bailey Interiors of Mortdale in Sydney, each panel had to have a slight variation to allow for the curved/arched shape that was created when placing the panels side to side, completing a contemporary look.

Rondo’s Technical Services team assisted Baileys in their incorporation of Rondo KEY-LOCK® Top Cross Rails moulded into the back of each panel enabling them to be suspended from the structure above, with the finished product being uniquely contoured ceilings in each destination.

Bailey Interiors, Nu Line as the ceiling contractor and Built Constructions all contributed to the realisation of designer Marc Newson’s innovative concept. The $500k project has provided a prestigious ‘waiting area’ for those Premium Class customers who choose to fly with Qantas and has been serving them well for the last few years.

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