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Ocean Keys, WA

  • Builder:  Doric Group 
  • Contractor: Statewide Ceilings
  • Project Value: $100 Million
  • Location: Clarkson, WA

Ocean Keys, WA


Ocean Keys is a major shopping destination in Clarkson, one of Perth’s fastest growing suburbs. This $100 million expansion completed in October 2014 included the addition of retail, fresh food stores and residential apartments. As a result of the expansion, the shopping complex is 65% larger with a total floor space of 35,000m². Rondo supplied KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System and steel framing for the extensive plasterboard soffits and bulkheads on the project. 

A feature of the extension's design included extensive curved and deep bulkheads for which the Rondo Technical Services Team provided design plans to facilitate their construction. This projects timeline was reduced over the duration of the project making it a real challenge to complete. In order to ensure this project ran smoothly, Rondo along with all parties involved including contractor Statewide Ceilings and distributor Aussie Plasterboard, had to closely monitor and keep on top of all elements of the projects to ensure strict deadlines were met, providing a great exercise in communication amongst all involved.