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Vision on Morphett, SA

  • Contractor: SA Master Plaster
  • Project Value: $35 Million
  • Location: Adelaide, SA

Vision on Morphett, SA


Part of the revitalisation of Adelaide’s north-west sector is the $35 million, 16 storey apartment: ‘Vision on Morphett’, a project being undertaken by 88 Construction. This high rise building features 185 apartments with those on the top 3 floors reflecting penthouse-style living, whilst retail space will occupy the ground floor. Located adjacent to Adelaide’s famous Light Square, Vision on Morphett will be ideally positioned close to the cities burgeoning education precinct. 

Working closely with SA Master Plaster as the internal drywall contractor Rondo has supplied 64 & 92mm x 0.70BMT and 92mm x 1.15BMT wall studs for the internal wall framing with over 1,000 studs being required per floor. Also the project is utilising Rondo KEY-LOCK® concealed plasterboard framing for ceilings and over 2,000m2 of the external Rondo MAXIframe® wall system.

This is the first project Rondo and SA Master Plaster had worked together on and Rondo was pleased to provide them with training and guidance in the use of its products and systems, particularly the MAXIframe® system. This project served as a great opportunity to build a lasting relationship with a new contractor customer.