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The William, VIC

  • Builder: Built
  • Contractors: Expoconti
  • Architect: Bruce Henderson Architects
  • Location: Melbourne, VIC
  • Project Value: $100 Million

The William, VIC


This two-year, $100 million project was undertaken by builders Built, subcontractors Expoconti, and Bruce Henderson Architects for developers Hengyi. Rondo’s Technical and Sales Teams made regular on-site visits, offering both design and installation solutions. Specifically, the team ensured all the external walls met the required wind loads, along with designs for all 5-8 metre high external walls to the shop fronts. Initially, Built investigated a number of options, including having full height and width windows, but this would have required an internal stud wall adjacent to the window to support the plasterboard linings. Rondo were asked to step in and provide expert technical advice as to a solution for a heavy gauge structural system which would not affect internal apartment areas and substrate depths.

Using our MAXIframe® External Wall Framing System, we were able to provide a full design specification for the entire external façade that met wind load requirements, also providing one stud wall to accommodate both internal and external linings. This delivered a more efficient installation process in terms of both labour and material. Expoconti was able to complete all works (internal and external) efficiently, allowing for full control of each stage, and reducing the number of tradesmen required on site. Our Sales and Business Development Manager, Charlie Khoury says Rondo’s success in the project was largely thanks to our engineering team who provided technical designs at a fast pace throughout the project. In total, the following Rondo products were supplied to ‘The William’.