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Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Retirement Village, VIC

  • Contractor: Ryman Healthcare
  • Location: Wheelers Hill, VIC

Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Retirement Village, VIC


The Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Retirement Village was completed with the help of architect, builder and contractor Ryman Healthcare. The 134-unit age care facility will house serviced care units and independent living units for the elderly with resort-style facilities. Rondo assisted in the development of this project, supplying a number of products including Stud and Track (64mm and 92mm x 0.55BMT), KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling Systems and MAXIjamb® Systems for the large window and door openings leading onto balconies. 

Rondo also assisted with the designs for the external doors and window openings and did continuous site inspections to ensure designs were to specification. A great milestone in the initial stages of the project was when Rondo along with Andrew Smyth from USG Boral were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of Rondo Steel Stud framing to the builder, Ryman Healthcare. Ryman then made the decision to change and trial our steel stud framing in Stage 2 of the project which proved a success, and they continued to use it in Stage 3. The benefits of steel proved to be the deciding factor. These include a straighter product, easier installation and therefore cost savings.