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The Quest Apartments, WA

  • Builder: Diploma Group
  • Contractor: Northline Ceilings
  • Location: East Perth, WA
  • Project Value: $14.5 Million

The Quest Apartments, WA


Completed in 2016, the Quest Apartments were a welcome addition to Perth’s CBD. Located in East Perth, the $14.5 million project is home to tourists and business professionals alike visiting the area. Rondo worked alongside builder, Diploma Group and sub-contractor, Northline Ceilings, to develop designs that could accommodate the substantially high wind pressures associated with this project. 

The project was subject to wind loading up to 2.8kPa ultimate and 1.9kPa serviceability. Our technical designs specified wall and ceiling systems, as well as complementary accessories to be supplied to the project. Being able to provide tailored designs within a tight deadline was crucial to the success of the project.