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Our updated Rondo App has installed a new "Product Search" capability, which lets your view the entire Rondo product range.

The Rondo App is a practical tool that helps you to:

  • Search for Rondo products
  • Work out what Rondo products are needed for a project
  • Calculate maximum loads and spans for a wall or ceiling design
  • Determine the most economical Rondo Steel Stud Wall Framing System design possible for a particular layout and the next best solution
  • Estimate what quantity of Rondo products are needed and see details of the pack size they come in
  • Find out the radius required, sweep angle and length of arc for curved designs
  • Email yourself or colleagues a copy of the wall or ceiling design
  • Locate the nearest place to source Rondo products, either by current location using GPS technology or by running a search
  • Simply email your calculated results directly to a Rondo stockist to receive a quote, click to call or get directions

Download the Rondo App free today at:

iTunes for Apple products:

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