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Update Friday, 24thth April 2020

Rondo Malaysia was recently granted an exemption to allow us to restart our operations there on Thursday the 23rd of April. Extensive measures are in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff and to ensure that we operate strictly in accordance with the Malaysian governments health advice regarding social distancing and hygiene.

At Rondo, we follow our non-negotiable; “I am responsible for the safety of myself and others” and will be guided by this principle as we navigate through the current situation.

Our manufacturing and distribution operations, and subsequent supply of products, continue to operate as normal. To ensure this continues, our review team have put the following measures in place;

  • Supply chain – we are working with our key suppliers to identify any areas of risk or concerns for ongoing supply. Our advice to date including our major steel supplier is that there are currently no major risks to continued supply. We will continue to monitor the situation and build contingencies should the status of supply change.
  • Social distancing measures – we’ve staggered meal breaks, limited seating capacity in the lunch room, encouraged staff to keep a distance of 1.5m from each other, minimised group meetings and gatherings, and are using video conferencing where possible
  • Cleaning Services – cleaning at all Rondo sites has increased, including all hard surfaces (handrails, benches, bathrooms, kitchens and desks), and additional hand sanitisers have been installed.
  • Customer Deliveries – we have modified our tablet based “sign on glass” delivery system to no longer require customers to touch the screen and “sign”, instead;
    • Our delivery partners drivers will ask recipients to confirm the receipt of goods in full and in good condition, ask them to provide their name and the driver will enter this and sign on their behalf as confirmation of this.
    • The system automatically records the date/time and geo location of when the delivery has been made.
  • Customer Pick-ups – we will follow a similar process and our customer service team will record the name of the driver and sign on their behalf.
  • Visits to Rondo sites – only business-critical visitors will access a Rondo site and each visitor will need to answer a series of questions to ensure they don’t pose a risk. The Rondo SKILLS Training program has been postponed until further notice.
  • Rondo visits to Building sites - Our technical sales teams have been advised to use social distancing measures when visiting building sites and to ask a checklist of questions with any close contact they’ll have on the site. Video conferencing is available for meetings as well.
  • Work related travel – employees are not to travel internationally, and approval is required for all domestic travel
  • Rondo customer events – all events in the coming months have been postponed due to social distancing and travel restrictions until we can ensure the safety of all attendees
  • Feeling unwell – all employees who are feeling unwell have been told to stay home, notify their manager and call their GP. Any employee who experiences flu like symptoms, must stay away from the workplace and present a medical certificate stating they are fit for work on their return.
  • Personal hygiene – all employees, suppliers and customers are requested to follow good hygiene practices including hand washing, cough/sneeze into elbows, not shaking hands and keeping a safe distance. Communications and signage have been put up in all Rondo sites.
  • Personal travel – all employees are encouraged to postpone their travel overseas or self-isolate on return for 14 days and be tested and cleared for COVID-19 with a medical certificate before returning to work.
  • Potential exposure – any employee who has close contact with anyone who has recently arrived from overseas, needs to notify their manager and potentially isolate themselves for 14 days. If in isolation, they need to be tested and cleared for COVID-19 with a medical certificate before returning to work. For example; someone who has an overseas visitor staying in their home.
  • Work related courses & training – all non-essential business courses and training are to be cancelled or postponed until further notice

The situation is developing daily and therefore, these measures may change, or additional measures may be put in place as the spread of the virus continues.

For more information, please email or speak with your Rondo representative.