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From then to now, a brief look at Rondo’s history and why it benefits you


A lot of us have heard the saying, “knowledge is power,” but what does this mean to you in a practical sense?

Well, it was for a practical reason that Rondo’s founder, Eric Cuckson hatched our first product idea. Before we were Rondo Building Services, we were a zipper factory trading as ‘Rondo Zipador.’ Seeing his employees in uncomfortable conditions, Cuckson developed an aluminium foil ceiling system to reduce the heat from the factory roof and improve employee working conditions.

If Cuckson hadn’t have cared about his employees’ welfare back then, Rondo as we know it may not exist now. Because that care, led to knowledge of ceiling systems and that knowledge allowed us to make the market leading impact we have in 2017.

However, it’s not just what we sell but why we sell it that defines us and today it is even more important to continue building on why we began, over 50 years ago.

Cuckson once said, “we are all in this together.” That is, employees and customers alike, sharing the same values and believing in similar principles to continue building our relationships so we can get the job done and done right.


These principles and relationships are a strong factor in how we have gone from 10 employees in 1964 to employing more than 350 people around the world. Believe it or not, if you totalled the experience of our employees globally it would add up to over 2,000 years’ worth of knowledge!

Don’t get us wrong we aren’t saying we are perfect, but we are continually willing to learn to adapt and move with the times without sacrificing our heart.

For instance:


Rondo’s manufacturing capabilities are highly flexible, versatile and increasingly innovative. In 2009 we moved to our new site at Erskine Park so since then we are able to load any one truck in two and a half minutes utilising our scissor lift table; loaded flat skid can be lifted directly from the floor to the truck.

Technical Skills

Rondo has built a unique position of technical superiority in the marketplace and is focused on continuing our dominance in this area into the future. However, it wasn’t always like this.

In our early days, we only roll-formed and manufactured steel and while there was a large demand for technical support, we didn’t have the knowledge or capability to provide this internally. In 1992, Rondo introduced a Technical Team that could provide design specifications and engineering solutions for our team and customers.

It was here that the technical side of Rondo was born, and the rest is history. Today, many of our technical solutions and innovations are proactive and driven by our own internal ideas, market opportunities and manufacturing abilities. What sets Rondo apart though, is our total system solutions package.

Our ability to draft up constructions and documentation, provide engineering specifications and products required to see the project through to completion is matchless. This and our ability to capture knowledge internally and retain it, from such a broad range of projects, has and will continue to set us as part from our competitors in the industry.

Customer Service

Rondo has always had a strong focus on providing our customers with outstanding service. We understand that there is nothing more important than the customers’ satisfaction so much so that it’s one of our values.

We have always endeavoured to offer a listening ear to our customers and we formalised this process in 2002 when we commenced our annual Rondo Customer Survey. Many initiatives have been based on the feedback received from the surveys including the introduction of our Distribution Guarantee, SKILLS training programs, digital applications, as well as service improvements.

All in all…

It is our core values that have led to the innovation and quality that you, as our loyal customer know us for. Rondo is extremely proud of our culture and these core values that were instilled by our predecessors and upheld by the current Rondo team to ensure continued success of our business (and yours) into the future.