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The Rondo PANTHER® Access Panel range has a sleek new look and modern design, with a panel in the range to suit any residential, commercial and industrial application.

Our standard range features metal faced, sound rated, and fired rated access panels that are designed for internal installation in both stud and masonry walls and suspended ceiling systems. Although these panels come in standard sizes, custom sizes are also available by order.

And we also have specialised architectural Access Panels to suit specific projects. This includes panels for hospital operating theatres with fully washable doors made from ‘Wetline’ board incorporating anti-microbial seals, or panels for high security facilities, such as prisons, that have galvanised or stainless steel doors and specialised locking systems.

Access Panels with doors to match perforated plasterboard ceilings, panels which can incorporate specialised ceiling or wall finishes such as perforated corrugated sheeting are also available by order.

Updates to PANTHER® Sound Rated Access Panels

We've now included a new feature which is a plastic budget lock and key on Rondo PANTHER® Sound Rated Access Panels creating a more cost-effective, light-weight product whilst maintaining performance and quick installation. One big plus with the new plastic budget lock is the reduction in the keyhole size from 14mm to 8mm.

Branded Rondo, the budget lock is supplied with a 6.6mm hexagonal Allen key. The Rondo red, three-legged plastic key consists of a 6.6mm hexagonal key, 8.0mm flat head key and an 8.0mm square bar key. Should you accidentally lose the supplied key, a standard Allen key will also do the trick which is really handy.

Download Tech Brief 84 here.

Updates to PANTHER® Metal Faced Access Panels

We spoke to customers regarding the finishing on our Metal Faced Access Panels and their preference was for a White Primer which was noted and the change was quickly made for a more aesthetically pleasing product following installation.

Previously supplied with a grey primer finish, Rondo PANTHER® Metal Faced Access Panels now come with a White Primer paint for finishing on site, ready for the final coat.

Typically used in areas where acoustic or fire ratings are not required, MFAPs come in both set bead and feathered edge profiles and are available in 300mm x 300mm, 450mm x 450mm, 550mm x 550mm, 600mm x 600mm standard sizes and custom sizes are also available via order.

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Download Tech Brief 85 here.