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Access, Pure and Simple


Rondo now offers a simple and cost effective option for basic ceiling access to above services. The brand new range of lightweight Aluminium Manhole Frames are designed to complement the existing range of PANTHER® Hinged Access Panels.

The sturdy Aluminium manhole frame comes with pre-drilled holes for trouble-free installation. Simply cut out the appropriate hole size into the plasterboard ceiling, screw the frame into place using the pre-drilled holes and then replace the cut out board into the frame. The self trimming matte white frame can be then be painted over effortlessly to match the ceiling finish.Perfect for residential dwellings, the manhole frame provides easy access to air conditioning, electrical or plumbing services, and can be used as a more economical solution where fire or acoustic ratings are not required. Rondo Aluminium Manhole frames are available from this month onwards in a range of standard sizes from 300mm2 to 600mm2.